GALAKTIKON II: Become the Storm is almost here!

Aug 03, 2017

Click below to check out Episode #2, where Brendon Small introduces long-time musical cohorts, Bryan Beller, Gene Hoglan and Ulrich Wild. Click below, and read on!:

As of today, issue #1 of Brendon Small’s Galaktikon comic is finally released! Find your copy at your local comic book shop, Comixology or online at! Brought to you by Albatross Funnybooks!

GALAKTIKON lands in New York next week! Join Brendon Small on August 7th and 8th:

– Monday August 7th at 6:30 PM: An Evening of Conversation and Music with Brendon Small. Tickets are available here!

– Tuesday August 8th at 6PM: GALAKTIKON Comic book signing with Brendon Small at FORBIDDEN PLANET NYC! Free!

San Diego Comic Con Event

Jul 19, 2017

Galaktikon comes to San Diego Comic-Con International! Join artist Eric Powell (from The Goon) and Brendon Small at booth #2209 on Friday July 21st for an exclusive autograph signing of GALAKTIKON!, the upcoming 6 part comic series based on Galaktikon 1.


Jul 18, 2017

Welcome to the official website of GALAKTIKON II: BECOME THE STORM. Pre-Order the new album from Dethklok/Metalocalypse creator Brendon Small by clicking here.

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