Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of Heavy Metal,

The time has come. Galaktikon II: Become the Storm is out tomorrow. As you might know from Dethklok to Galaktikon – I can’t just put out a record. I like to put out a story, characters and a whole world. And that’s what Galaktikon II is to me, an exciting new world with the music I love to make.

There’s been a lot of fantastic positivity from the heavy metal community in rolling out this behemoth; there’s also been a lot of controversy. Some people think that GALAKTIKON II is Dethalbum IV, some people think it’s the proper ending of Metalocalypse, SOME PEOPLE think this record is about my new dog??!! Hahaha- Here’s the great thing- YOU get to decide what this record is. All I can tell you is that it’s an interplanetary WAR story with good guys and very bad guys. Interpret that as you will. . .

Galaktikon is also a comic book that is now available. I partnered with the great Eric Powell (from “The GOON”) and the amazing artist Steve Mannion – and have loved the whole process. So check out Galaktikon (aka the Galakticomic) at your local comic shop (and at Stay tuned because we will be releasing other projects under this name that are incredibly exciting to me.

Every once in a while, I’ll sit back and ponder what we’re doing on this planet. I’ll tell myself- I guess I’m here to be creative. But it’s not just “being creative”. It’s my own secret way of connecting to people and feeling like a human being in a community of people that actually aren’t so different at all. Being creative is my way of asking: “does anybody else feel the way that I do?” And I’m happy to learn that no matter how different we feel- that we aren’t alone, that deep down we share a lot of similarities. It feels nice to be united as flawed humans. I’ve chosen humor and heavy metal as my form of communication. From “Home Movies” and “Metalocalypse”, stand-up comedy and now “Galaktikon”, I consider myself lucky that I have a group of people that I get to communicate and relate to. So thanks for that.

So enjoy the record. Oh, here’s a little thing: If you want to listen to it just as a group of songs, listen to the CD order; if you want to decipher the story listen to the Vinyl song order. Either way I’m honored that I get to put out my sixth studio album, I’m honored to work with Gene Hoglan, Bryan Beller and Ulrich Wild again. And I’m thankful that I get to do something this ridiculous on this crazy planet.

Thanks for listening,

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