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Bryan Beller: “This tune had a little of everything on bass – the flicking technique, fast unison riffs, and then big brutal long held notes – and I remember when we were tracking it, thinking, yeah, cool tune. Now you can see how we did it all in one take from top to bottom! (Maybe.)”

Gene Hoglan: “I love this song. I love this album. You’ll love this album, guitar dudes, drum dudes and bass dudes. Vocal folks as well. Plus, Brendon says that I look like a muscular badass in this vid. Darn toot’n. Wanna have some regrets? Pass up checking ‘Become the Storm’ out.”

Brendon Small: “It’s rare to see Gene, Bryan and myself playing together, but this is what it looks like in the studio. Gene has his own place in the drum room, Beller sits outside of the studio then I take all the tracks back to my studio and lose my mind! The guy who you don’t see here is co-producer & extreme mixing aficionado Ulrich Wild making it all come together. But I’m glad we took a couple moments to show you what it’s like hanging with us during the making of Galaktikon II’s ‘The Agenda’.”

GALAKTIKON II: BECOME THE STORM takes the Billboard Charts by Storm!

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